Meet our Veterinary Team

Dr. Gary McKibben, DVM


Dr. Gary McKibben, DVM is one of our veterinarians at TimberTrails, and sees patients Monday through Wednesday. He also helps diagnose and treat animals at Wright-Way Rescue. A graduate of University of Illinois, Dr. McKibben loves helping animals from unfortunate circumstances become healthy and find homes. In his free time, you can find him in a deer stand, on a pond bank, or hanging out with his six wonderful dogs and cats.

Dr. Richard Ashe, DVM


Dr. Richard Ashe, DVM is a surgeon and veterinarian at TimberTrails, as well as helps diagnose and treat animals at Wright-Way Rescue. He specializes in orthopedic surgery and also seeing clients at our clinic. A graduate of University of Illinois, Dr. Ashe has spent time working in a mixed animal practice, doing house calls, emergency medicine, and also working with exotic animals! When asked why he loves with rescue animals, he says "it brings me great joy to save the lives of homeless pets and enrich the lives of their future families." 

In his free time, you can find him fishing on Lake of Egypt, exercising at the gym, or practicing karate. He enjoys spending time with his family, church, and mission trips.


Dr. Ashe just returned from a month long mission trip with Marion Medical Mission to rural African countries to install wells to provide safe drinking water. 

Dr. LeeAnn Greenwell, DVM

Dr. Greenwell is a veterinary surgeon at TimberTrails and Wright-Way Rescue, performing all kinds of surgeries for the public and for the animal rescue. A graduate of Auburn University, Dr. Greenwell has even spent time working with llamas and pot bellied pigs!


When asked why she loves working with rescue animals, she says she loves seeing every animal going to a happy home. 

After taking care of her 14 cats, working and volunteering for other local rescues, you can find her watching Netflix, knitting, crocheting, and sewing.

Dr. Nancy Kucera, DVM

Dr. Kucera is a veterinary surgeon at Wright-Way Rescue, performing high volume spay/neuter surgeries before animals are adopted. Dr. Kucera is a graduate of University of Illinois.


Dr. Kucera said ​she loves 'Knowing the animals are being spayed and neutered and are going to homes where they are appreciated."

In her free time, you can find her on a horse, in the garden, or working on the farm.​ She has two dogs, Charli and Rue, and a cat named Skeeter. She also has two Arabian horses, named Kate and Swifty!

Dr. Kamarasy, DVM

Dr. Kamarasay is a veterinarian at Wright-Way Rescue, spending most of her time doing check ups on healthy or recovering puppies, kittens, dogs, or cats. 


A graduate of University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medication at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Kamarasay loves to work with Wright-Way animals because she can spend time helping rescued pets. 

In her free time, you can find her outdoors, walking in nature, or with her horses. She's also a fan of TV dramas and old Star Trek episodes. Not counting her horses, she has two male cats ChloBo and Matchka. 

She tells a story of one of her cases while working in England: "It was a frightened cocker spaniel with a bone somehow lodged over her lower jaw. Only after tranquilization could we saw the bone in two with a Gigli wire, rendering her a free dog once again!"


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